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Do Well Do Good With Elite Dress Agency

Updated: Sep 20

"Do Well, Do Good" is a digital hub highlighting those companies that make profit with purpose. We believe that doing "good" business and creating sustainable solutions should be rewarded, and consumers should have access to the brands that are helping us shop with a conscience.

We focus on lifestyle brands that make a positive impact and help consumers make better decisions when shopping or choosing a service.

I created the show in NYC and since moving back to the UK amid a pandemic, I realised that local, independent brands are the ones that need us the most. They are the first ones that have to cut back on marketing, and yet their messaging is more important than ever.

And that is what I'm focused on doing in my new town of Altrincham. Helping the local businesses in Manchester and Cheshire get their word out.

Luxury Fashion made accessible.

My background as a content creator has heavily revolved around the world of sustainable fashion, which involves sharing educational pieces on the importance of investing in quality and not just accessibility. Helping our audience understand why a sustainable dress is generally more expensive than a mass produced high street dress is key to helping us move the needle when it comes to how and why we shop and choose the brands that we do.

But don't get me wrong, I know that we are all trying to be careful with our spending habits during uncertain times like these. Spending money on craftsmanship and authenticity may not be at the top of your list when choosing your next "feel good" outfit. Maybe discovering a bargain, is more important to you. And I get it! That's why this week's DWDG pick is a "Must" for you all to check out. Even if you don't live in the area, you, of course, can shop the looks from the business online.

Say "Hello" to Elite Dress Agency

Bulging with sensational designer fashion at a fraction of its original price. ELITE hand picks every pre-loved item to ensure it meets high standards. From Chanel to All Saints, Vivienne Westwood to Karen Millen the dress agency covers it all.

Now, why is this such a great way to shop? I admit I love shopping. I LOVE the way new items make me feel, and I LOVE the way a quality item feels. But here's the thing, my shopping habits are not detrimental to the world, unlike the current trend of fast fashion. 90% of my closet is pre-loved second-hand pieces. Shopping this way is my sustainable approach to fashion. But let me be real with you, discovering a Celine bag, or Chanel dress is hard to come by in your local thrift. That's why shopping at The Elite Dress Agency makes these treasures a lot easier to find.

The premium that you typically pay to have exclusive rights to be the first consumer to use the product is eliminated in pre-loved shopping, yet the agency makes the overall experience just as classy and fun. Every preloved consumer can enjoy the same product for a drastically reduced price and still feel like they are shopping with a purpose and making a positive impact on the planet as they help up-cycle pre-loved pieces.

Here's why shopping Pre-loved is a good way forwards

Apart from the obvious, it saves you a ton of money. Here are some other reasons why you should consider shops like Elite Dress Agency

  • It's eco-friendly. When we buy second hand we are supporting the Retail industry and keeping good quality clothing from being tossed into the trash and ending up in a land-fill.

  • Your money goes to small businesses that helps support the local economy which is more important than ever.

  • You can stand out in timeless pieces that will last for a long time because of the way that they are made.

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